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Help - Shipping

Integrated Shipping Providers

Each integrated shipping carrier can be used to get live shipping rates and services. During the payment/checkout process buyers can select their delivery address, the available carriers will then check the options available and provide a list of available services and costs. The buyer can select which service best meets their requirements and add this to their invoice.

Offer Free Postage

Sellers can choose to offer free shipping on all items or if the total purchase amount exceeds a specific amount e.g. " Free Shipping on orders over $100 "

Item Based Shipping

Item based shipping enables sellers to set an a specific shipping price for each individual item (flat rates will take into account locality shipping settings)

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping can be used if you want to offer a reduction for ordering more than one item. For example the first item in the basket is charged $5.00 for shipping, the second, third, fourth items etc. are invoiced at $1.00 each.

Domestic & International Shipping Settings

Sellers have full control over their domestic and international shipping rates. Individual sellers can choose which countries (as well as states/counties within select countries) they will ship items too. Each selected location can have an additional cost applied, for example an item may be calculated at $10.00 for internal delivery within the USA but an additional $50.00 fee applies if shipped to the United Kingdom.