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Help - Vouchers


If you are a seller and/or store owner you can create custom vouchers/coupons to be redeemed against your listed auctions or products. To create a voucher:-

From the Seller Voucher (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> Seller Tools -> Seller Vouchers -> Create Voucher) menu:

Create Voucher

Enter a name for your voucher e.g. "September Special"

Create your voucher code, this can be anything you prefer e.g. "SEPT-50%", any preferred code can be used.

Enter the reduction amount, you can enter the amount as a percentage or set amount

Select an expiration date on the voucher

Select the number of times the voucher can be redeemed (left empty if the voucher simply expires based on the expiration date)

Additional Seller Feature
Assign to Listings (optional)

Enter the ID's of the listings, separated by commas in order to assign the voucher.

Note: Leave empty to apply to all listings.