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Presale Questions

Note: By default, only private questions on listings will be allowed.

Each seller can decide whether to allow (or not) public questions if the Admin hasĀ enabled the feature.

Go to the Global Settings (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> Seller Tools -> Global Settings ) menu and enable the feature:

Accept Public Questions

If checked, allows site users to post public questions on your listings.

Buyers can contact sellers before purchasing items. In the item description page, find (scroll down the page) the Questions & Answers menu:

Questions & Answers features:

  • See all public questions regarding an item

  • Send private messages to the seller

Read private messages from the Inbox (Home -> Members Area -> Messages -> Inbox) menu:

Open message and reply:

Archive messages for future reference. They will be automatically be displayed in the Archive(Home -> Members Area -> Messages -> Archive ) section.

Post Sale Questions

After completing a transaction, the seller (or buyer) can send updates or questions from the My Sales (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> My Sales) menu. Select an invoice and open Message Board:

Send a message: