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Help - My Store

Store Front

Each user who has a store setup will have their own store front on your site, features of each individual store front include:-

SEO Friendly Store URL
Example - http://www.site.com/store/store-name
Custom Store Logo/Branding:

Each store owner can upload their own site logo/branding to be used on their store front.

Custom Content Pages (About Us, Shipping Policy etc.):

Custom content for each automatically created page can be inserted within the members area (please see below under store creation & management for more information)

Category Display (Including Custom Categories):

Each store has full control over the categories used within their store front, this includes the selection of existing categories or custom categories the store owner has created.

Item Filtering:

Store browsers can filter listed items by various filtering options including custom price range.

Auction/Product Filtering:

Store browsers can choose to display only products or auctions within a store (where applicable).


Store Directory

The main store directory lists all active stores on your site. Those who choose to subscribe to a "Featured" store subscription are listed prominently on the main page of the store directory using their custom logo and store branding. Other stores are categorized and easily found using the category navigation menu.

Selected addition to store listing the store directory features a store search option and direct link to store setup for perspective store owners.

Store Creation & Management

Stores are created within the members area. Sellers looking to create a store front for their items can setup and customise their store through the following settings and options.

Subscription Selection

Users can choose which store subscription best meets their requirements.

  • Price
  • Re-Billing Cycle
  • Number of listing allowed in store

At any time the store owner can choose to renew or upgrade their store subscription or if required opt to disable their store.

Store Settings

Store name, this will form the URL of their store front, for example "ABC Books" will form http://www.site.com/store/abc-books

Store Description: The custom store subscription will be used on the main store front and typically includes an introduction to the users store, products offered and other general information.

Store Logo: The store owner can upload their existing logo for use with their store front, the logo will be used in the store directory as well as within the store front itself.

Meta Description: The store owner can enter custom meta tags for their store to aid with search engine ranking.

Category Selection: Each store is listed by category within the store directory. The store owner can select which category best fits their store front be it all or a specific category(s)

Store Categories: Each store can be customise by selecting the categories found within the store front. For example if your are a book seller you would only want to select the Book categories, if you sell items that do not fall into any of the existing categories you can create your own custom category.

Custom Store Pages: each store owner can enter custom content for store pages covering "About Us", "Shipping Information", "Company Policies".