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Selling Listings

Category Selection

The first step when listing your item for sale is category selection. Dependent on whether or not you are listing within a store you can select your category from all available categories or specific categories you have assigned to your store.

To select a category simply click on the [Select Category] button, the available parent/main categories will now be selectable. Continue selecting any sub categories you wish to list your item in.

A second category selection option is available if you wish to list your item in an additional category.

Item Title/Sub Title

Enter your item title, this will be used wherever your item is listed (home page, categories, store front etc.). It will also be used when users search for items.

An optional sub title can be setup with your item, the sub title will appear under the main item title on the category/store pages.

Item Description

Enter your item description, a detailed item description can be created either directly using the WYSIWYG editor or by inserting existing content into the editor (HTML accepted).

Custom Fields

If any custom fields are setup for the category(s) selected you can complete the fields. For example, if you are listing in a "Book" category a typical custom field would be "ISBN", similarly a DVD category may have custom fields for data such as "Age Rating", "DVD Condition" etc. Any information provided for these custom fields can be used when searching for items and also when filtering items when browsing through categories/stores.

Attaching Media

Multiple forms of media can be attached to any listing. Media forms supported include:-

  • Images (uploaded from your local computer/device or remotely hosted)
  • Video
  • Downloadable content
  • Embedded content (YouTube content etc.)


To upload images simply click on the [Select Images], you can then quickly and easily select images from your local computer/device (supported file types .gif, .jpg, .png).

If preferred you can use remotely hosted images through services such as PhotoBucket, to use remotely hosted images enter the URL of the hosted image in the field provided and complete by clicking on [Add].


To upload video content click on the [Select Media] button and select the file from your local computer/device.

Embedded Content

Content from video sharing sites such as YouTube can also be used to accompany your listing. To embed YouTube content:

  • On the YouTube page in question select the "Share" option then the "Embed" option
  • The embedded code should now appear similar to:

Downloadable Content

If you are selling digital goods you can attach the content to your listing. On payment from your buyer the content will be made available for download automatically.

Currency Selection

Select the currency your item is to be listed in (browsers can convert into their local currency).

Item Quantity/Stock Level Products

Enter the amount of stock available for this item.

Price Products

Enter the price for the item being listed.

Start Bid Auctions

Enter the starting bid for your item (min 0.01)

Buy Out Price Auctions

Enter the buy out price for the auction being listed.

Reserve Price Auctions

Select whether or not you wish to use a reserve price on the auction, if selecting the option enter your reserve price (must exceed the start bid).

Accept Offers

Choose whether or not you wish to accept offers for your auction. If choosing to accept offers you can opt to enter an offer range which controls the amount you will listen to offers.

Bid Increment Auctions

Select to use the in-built bid increments or create your own bid increment specific to your auction.

Private Auction Auctions

Choose whether or not your auction is a private auction, if selecting the option the bid amount and bidders username will not be displayed.

Enable/Disable Bid Sniping Auctions

If enabled you can automatically extend an auction when a bid is placed within [X] minutes by a further [X] minutes.[X] can be set to anything that is preferred, for example 5 minutes.This feature can be used to stop bidders from intentionally waiting until the last second to place a winning bid and therefore deprive other bidders from re-bidding.With this feature enabled the auction will automatically extend by the amount of minutes set.Only when no new bids have been placed within the minute setting will the auction end and a winning bidder be decided, for example, if the setting is set to [5 minutes]

Current Bid $100.00

Scheduled Auction Close Time 13:30

Bidder A Bids $105 at: 13:27

New Auction Close Time 13:32

Bidder B Bids $110 at 13:31

New Auction Close Time 13:36

The auction will end at 13:36 and bidder B wins for $110 should no further bids be placed.

Start Time

Choose when your item should "Go Live", you can either select right away or choose a custom start time. If choosing to use a custom time the software will automatically activate your listing when the start time arrives.

End Time

Choose when your item should be closed/removed from the site or your store. You can either choose from the available durations or selected "Unlimited", if choosing "Unlimited" your listing will remain listed on the site either until stock runs out or the listing is manually closed. Alternatively you can select a custom end time.

Item Featuring

Dependent on admin settings you can opt to highlight your listing on the site by selecting either "Home Page Featured", "Category Page Featured", "Highlighted Listing".

Home page featuring will list your item prominently on the home page over those listings not home page featured.

Category featured will display your item at the top of the relevant category page and above all other/non featured items.

Highlighted item will add a color border to your listing to help it stand other from others.

Auto Re-Listing Settings

If your item is set to have a set duration rather than unlimited you can choose whether or not your listing should automatically re-list when it reaches it's schedule end time. If selecting to auto re-list you can enter the number of re-listings the item has and also whether or not the item should be re-listed if it sold during the previous listing.

Location Settings

The item location is automatically pre-filled with your existing registration location details (Country, State and Zip Code), however if required you can set a different location for the product being listed.

Shipping Details

By default the shipping details you setup within the members area are used for all listed items, however you can override these settings with item specific shipping settings, you can also enter custom shipping instructions where applicable.

Returns Policy

Select whether or not you will accept returns on this product.

Payment Settings

Select which forms of payment you will accept for this product. You can choose from any options enabled including direct payment and offline payment.

Listing Review & Final Step

The final stage of the listing process enables you to review everything setup, if you notice anything that needs altering you can navigate back through the process using the "Previous Step" button. Where applicable you can also redeem any voucher you have to be applied against any incurred listing fees. If happy with everything you can list the item or if preferred save it as a draft for future editing/listing.