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Help - Messaging


The messaging system enables buyers and sellers to communicate with each other on-site. Each won/sold product or auction has a unique message board automatically created. The messaging system is accessed within the Members Area > Messages.

The messaging section of the Members' Area allows you to read, delete and reply to all the messages you have sent and received:

Click on Received or Sent to see a list of your messages. To read a message, simply click on the "To" or "From" user id and the message will load for you:

To delete a message, click on the Delete link to the side of the message you want to delete:

Sending Messages

You can send private and public messages to sellers from all item listings.

1. Scroll down the listing until you find the Ask Seller A Question section:

2. Type in the question you would like to ask the seller, and select whether you want it to be private or public (visible to other users):

3. Click Submit to send the message. You can see all of your sent and received messages in your Members' Area, under Messaging: